Why Should You Prefer Reclaimed Wood Benches?

When it comes to choosing furniture and other things for home decor, the wide availability can confuse you with their pros and cons. Many have the question whether to use reclaimed wood in and around or not?

No doubt, Reclaimed Wood Benches look fabulous and there are many pros of using them. The main benefits are –

  • Reclaimed wood is surely the up-cycled wood of high quality.
  • It looks better than new one and you get a unique finishing.
  • Old wood is more durable and it is strong lumber.
  • Even being the most stable wood can make you get it.

It is human nature to love trees and preserving it, even every child knows the importance. It surely adds beauty and charm to surrounding. Relying on reclaimed wood is better and it is one of the main reasons. Undoubtedly, these reasons will make you prefer reclaimed wood benches.

“Many desire to get the unique beauty, durability and connectivity to history product in their home for the decor purpose. Factories, Retired ships, Old barns, Stock Farms, warehouses are some places you can obtain reclaimed wood. ”

Exclusive Handmade Birmingham Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench

Handmade Birmingham Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench

As clear from heading, this reclaimed wood bench is highly in demand for the character and the durability factor whereas it becomes point of attraction because it’s handmade. Mostly reclaimed benches are tested for the durability and quality. This sturdy bench is made of dense Shorea wood obtained from railroad ties. Even there are 100 or more years old wood used which is naturally distressed.  The base is made up of iron which is trestle-styled as well as it is powder coated.

The best use is on a patio or you can try it out in garden as it will enhance the overall looks and make the places look way better than before. Need something indoor for extra sitting? Well, this is right one to go with and you can rely on it due to awesome design. The unique crafting will make you fall in love with the design. The dimensions are 42”L X 18”W X 18½” H.

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood and Iron Outdoor Bench

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood and Iron Outdoor Bench

For outdoors use, Shorea wood railroad that ties 100 years old or more than this which is tested of time . It is purely dense and in the term of durability, nothing is better than reclaimed wood benches. Stands best in quality and sturdy test. It is eco-friendly bench, purely unique, able to enhance the looks of your yard and garden.

The distressing marks make is better and gives the feel of antique and classic rusty design will suit the need of almost everyone. Such things make it rustic, unique and authentic to use. Even the iron frame’s coating in rustic bronze finish gives it a classy look. It is best to use for patio and outdoor. The dimensions of the product are 36”L X 18”D X 18”H. It can be used as extra sitting indoor.

The Versatile Reclaimed Elmwood Telluride Bench

Versatile Reclaimed Elmwood Telluride Bench

Looking for versatile reclaimed wood benches which can be used for extra sitting purpose in the entryway, family room, and kitchen or where you love to sit in the home? Well, Reclaimed Elmwood Telluride Bench is right one to fulfill the need. It is a universal product as it is simple and the versatile style with rustic finish makes it advantageous. The reclaimed wood is hundred years old and it can be more. It stands well in the test which ensures higher strength, quality and durability of the product.

Every single piece is unique and the slight imperfection make is perfect for a good décor. It is one of a kind and it is hard to find any other product with a good and distressed finish which makes it vintage and textured finish is responsible for the awesome looks. It is perfect to use in any kind of home décor purpose. The dimension of this unique looking reclaimed wood bench is 60” LX 13” WX 17” H.

Key Fact

It is tough to find awesome versatile reclaimed wood benches which suit your need because not many are offering good quality and unique designs. The list of awesome benches doesn’t end here as following products given below can fulfill your need and let you avail something suitable for décor.

Best Patio Birmingham Console Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal Finish

Birmingham Console Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal Finish

Who doesn’t love unique and awesome looking reclaimed wood benches for patio? Well, the handmade Birmingham console table is unique and gives the vintage look where the wood is derived from railroad ties. This dense wood performed well in the test of time and it has full of characters to make your room look way better than before. The wood used is 100 years old which gives the rustic look and it is distressed naturally where the base is powder-coated iron.

The best use is in patio and it is also a good one for the foyer and the living room. Overall it is a versatile product which can be used in many purposes. It is best for the serving area or it can be used as a display table. There is slight variation in wood let you buy a product which is one of a kind.

Get Rustic Looks with Birmingham Round End Table In Reclaimed Wood and Metal

Rustic Looks with Birmingham Round End Table In Reclaimed Wood and Metal

Rustic looking Birmingham Round End Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal is higher in demand where the wood is more than 100 years old which is derived from railroad ties. It looks wonderful indoor as well as outdoor.

Shorea wood is used in crafting it and it is handsomely handmade products which give you slight variation in design and ensure one of a kind. The iron base is trestle style and the wood is up-cycled and it is heavily distressed. The dimensions are 24” diameter and 18½ “Height.


These vintage looking benches give a unique texture in home décor and using reclaimed wood benches help in showing the love toward nature and getting a durable product. Just don’t waste a moment and buy a perfect looking bench for your home and enjoy comfort and nature with ease.